Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Sun Shiney Day

Just a fun picture of Ella I took the other day when the sun was shining but it wasn't 100 degrees!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Who am I?

I am eight months old today. I am learning to crawl on all fours but I've perfected what my mom calls the army crawl. I really like to play with my ball and duck. Bath time is one of my favorites. When Gran comes we like to scare each other. She tries to get me and I try to get away from her by hiding and squeeling. It really tickles and I laugh really hard when mom blows on my belly. I got my dad's technical abilities and I want to know how everything works. I like to inspect things. I'm also kind of shy when I don't know somebody and they talk to me. I hate when mom wipes my face and nose it's really annoying. I love to go to Bible class. Ms. Pat is a lot of fun. She plays games with us and sings songs. I'm also getting really big and can say mommy, daddy and all done in sign language. It's really fun to wave bye-bye to everyone I see. Oh did I tell you I have a kitty cat? She used to stay far away from me but now she lets me pet her. She's really soft. I really like to get into everything and make mom come and get me. My favorite place to hide is under the coffee table. I like to hear my own voice so I talk a lot. I am also very scheduled and it is nap time so I have to get off the computer now- mom said so.