Monday, December 15, 2008

Ella Bella and her tutu

So I got this tutu the other day and love it so I just had to post some pics!

Also, Melissa tagged me to do this so here it is:

8 things I did today: (well we'll do yesterday since its 7:15 in the morning and I haven't done 8 things today)

1. went to church
2. fed Ella
3. changed diapers
4. got Ella dressed for church
5. Ate some wonderful Thai food for Mr. Calebs birthday
6.took a 2 1/2 hour nap while grandma JUJU kept Ella (man, I haven't done that in MONTHS!!)
7. watched the Cowboys play
8. Went to bed at 9:30

8 of my favorite restaurants:

1. On the Border
2. Chicken Express
3. Cilantros
4. Taco Villa
5. The King and I
6. Rosas
7. Chic-fil-A

8 shows I watch:
(I don't have 8 shows so I'll just post the ones I do watch)

1. The Hills (I'm obsessed and can't wait for The City!)
2. The first 48
3. The Biggest Loser (Season Finale tomorrow night!)

8 things I wish for:

1. for Ella to sleep all night
2. to go see Taylor and Audrey in London next summer
3. our economy to get better
4. to be my pre-pregnancy size again
5. a swimming pool in my back yard
6. a self-cleaning house
7. Christmas to be here already
8. a new kitchen

8 things I look forward to:

1. Going to see Taylor and Audrey in London
2. Ella sleeping all night
3. seeing family at Christmas
4. Christmas in general
5. Meeting miss Hailey Price
6. Snow
7. Watching Ella grow up
8. Taylor and Audrey having kids so Ella can have cousins on my side (hint, hint!)

So now I'm supposed to tag 8 people but I don't know 8 people with blogs (We're a little behind the times here in DC) so I'll just tag Rachel, Kami and Julie

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A wonderful husband and a three month old Santa baby

Have I ever mentioned how great my husband is? Well yesterday Jim was running late from work and when I finally called him about 5:30 he said he had gotten hung up and was on his way home but, very unusually he wouldn't tell me the story and instead he said I'll tell you when I get home. So, when he got home my wonderful husband had stopped to get me a surprise. Can anyone guess what it was?..............

Yep, beautiful roses. It really made my day!! What's kind of funny is that the last time he brought me roses he was late from work and I called him then too. So, he says that he can't ever surprise me because I catch him. But I really was surprised.

Another great thing that happened yesterday besides it being Ella's 3 month birthday is that she rolled over for the first time. Of course Jim and I were in the kitchen so we missed it. Ella makes loud grunting noises when she plays on her stomach and we heard her doing it so Jim went to check on her and there she was. But, she's already done it three times today so I got to see her. It's really amazing how quickly they learn things and as soon as you think they haven't done anything different in a while they do something like roll over. It's so much fun!

At Thanksgiving Gran (my mom) gave Ella this really cute Christmas outfit so I just had to share a few pics! Oh yeah, she really likes to chew on her hands too.