Monday, May 2, 2011

Turnbough Happenings

The past few months have been very busy for us around here and it doesn't look like it's slowing down anytime soon.  Although it's a good busy!

In January we celebrated Sadie's 1 year birthday.  We had a great time with friends and family here at the house.  Sadie had a frog birthday party and her first taste of cake which she thoroughly enjoyed!

February and March were fairly uneventful except we found out that we will be welcoming baby #3 into the mix at the end of October.  This was quite a suprise and blessing at the same time.  After quite a few ultrasounds and dr. appts I have finally passed the 12 week mark and we're looking forward to seeing this little one later on this year.  Ella also had her yearly check-up with Dr. Peiris, her cardiologist.  He informed us that there was little to no leakage in her aortic valve and very minimal leakage in her mitral valve.  He let us know that for us to ever do anything about this, the leakage would have to get significantly worse.  He also said for us to encourage daily activity and let her do as much as she wanted to because that would only strengthen her heart and he doesn't need to see her back for 3 to 5 years!  Praise God!!!!
Here's me at14 weeks.  Ella wanted to be in the picture too.  Her belly's about as big as mine.   Not really, her shirts just too little. 

Ella in an "Ella" outfit.  She calls this her "Halloween."

April was pretty busy as it all started on a windy Sunday afternoon around 3:45 as I was waking up from a nap and the girls were sleeping soundly.  The wind had really picked up outside and the dirt was blowing so bad you could barely see anything.  I commented to Jim that it looked really nasty out and as he looked out our back door he noticed there was a HUGE blazing fire out in the pasture.  He jumped up, I jumped up, he called 911 (which doesn't really work around here, but that's another story), I grabbed my camera and then panicked.  Jim was running around trying to get water hoses, luckily it was far enough back and the wind was blowing to the east so it was going to bypass us but we worried about our neighbors down the street.  I ran inside and got the girls and we headed down to the next door neighbors parents house while the guys fought the fire and helped everyone out.  It got up to some fences and in a few back yards but thankfully no houses were destroyed and no one was hurt.  I've never really thought about our litttle volunteer fire department but I am SOOO thankful they were there!  They did a fantastic job!

Last weekend we celebrated Easter at my aunt Elaine's house. It was so much fun this year!  The girls had a great time hunting easter eggs with all their cousins.  When I was little we would go to grandmothers, my mom's mom, for Easter and have easter egg hunts but then all of us cousins got older and grandmother passed away so we just quit getting together for Easter.  This year my aunt Elaine decided to start up the tradition again since there's getting to be more little ones.  We had a blast!  Thanks aunt Elaine!

Ella and Sadie are growing like weeds.  Ella's into Barney and Word World.  She loves to play outside and ride her tricycle.  She also loves being the best helper and big sister EVER!!  Sadie turned 15 months on the 29th and has finally taken a few steps on her own.  She's talking a lot and understands what you say.  She can also follow directions.  Her and Ella have a great time together.  It's so much fun watching them be sisters.

And a few random pictures.


Melanie said...

Congrats, Laura! You're girls are adorable!

rachelprice said...

I absolutely love all of these pictures! I can't wait for baby #3 to arrive! You have such a sweet family! Glad the fires were contained and no one was hurt! Scary! I thought I was the only one who started fires!

Amy said...

Loved looking at all your pictures. You have beautiful girls...however, i am thinking 'blue' for this one! :) Congrats! No doubt you are a great mom.